Jes M Campbell

Size Guide

Jes M Campbell is based in Australia and uses the Australian/UK sizing system measured from the centre-back of the band.

Please use the following chart as a guide to convert your international size to the nearest UK size.

Tools and techniques used to read and take ring sizes can vary from jeweller to jeweller, but being sized professionally by a reputable jewellery store or jeweller is always the most accurate way to determine your ring size.

Online charts can be unreliable and can vary in accuracy.

Make sure to factor in which hand you want to wear the ring on, and the temperature the day you are fitted as this can affect your size. Check that space between the base of the finger and the knuckle is wide enough to accommodate how tall the ring measures.

For wider and heavier bands we recommend you add one full UK sizes to your regular ring size. An experienced jeweller should be able to advise you whilst you are being measured. If you are not sure of your ring size, please visit a reputable local jeweller and request to have your finger professionally sized. This is usually a free service.

The most important measurement is the inside diameter (ID) when determining your ring size.

Please find below the sizing guide we will use when making your ring.

ID 15.40mm | US Size 4 5/8 | AU/UK Size J
ID 15.80mm | US Size 5 1/8 | AU/UK Size K
ID 16.10mm | US Size 5 1/2 | AU/UK Size L
ID 16.51mm | US Size 6 | AU/UK Size M
ID 16.92mm | US Size 6 1/2 | AU/UK Size N
ID 17.35mm | US Size 7 | AU/UK Size O
ID 17.75mm | US Size 7 1/2 | AU/UK Size P